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The Dalyan Newspaper
Maras Cad. No: 35
Dalyan/Mugla, Turkiye
Tele: 252 284 33 01
FAX: 252 284 34 87
GSM: 555 410 08 10


Due to the increasing problem of stray dogs in Dalyan, the city municipality will implement a program of registration. Many visitors to Dalyan acquire a dog during their stay and simply leave the animal behind when their stay is over. To deal with the increasing number of stray dogs the municipality has developed a new program requiring pet owners to register their dogs at the Belediyah.

Once implemented, the program will allow the municipality to pick up stray dogs and take them to a veterinarian in Fethiye to be either nuetered or spayed, recieve vaccinations, photographed, and ear-tagged. The animal will then be returned to a local animal group in Dalyan and then released. These photographs will be posted on the internet. Dog ownership will be restricted to individuals who are 16 years of age or older. This new registration plan has recieved the full endorsement of Mayor Tufan.

Dalyan, Mugla - Turkey


An electrical short in the roof area of the Acarlar Park Hotel started a fire that created quite a panic in Dalyan. Even though the fire was reported quickly, the speed at which the fire spread overwhelmed local fire personel.

Fire crews from Ortaca, Dalaman, and even Forestry Department crews were then called in to contain the fire. Dalyan Police and Jandarma were first on the scene and quickly removed occupants and guests from the building and set up road blocks. After four hours the fire was brought under control by their joint efforts.


The struggle Turkey faces with terrorism and the PKK were explained in 8 different languages and printed in brochures. Turkey wanted to prove to the world with these brochures its legitimacy about terrorism. The management of press and these publications have helped Turkey in its struggle. These brochures, which were created as an introduction to Turkey , were arranged by the management of press and publication and were chosen as the best introduction books to Europeans. In this book the activities of terrorists, the threat of their terrorism, and Turkey's struggle against terror were underlined. It was said in this book that the fundamental politics of the government is that of detection and force to hinder the damage of terrorism on innocent people. The PKK is one of the most harmful and dangerous terror organizations in Europe. The struggle Turkey faces with terrorism is understood better after the terrorist attack of 11 September 2007

Dalyan, Mugla - Turkey


The Caretta Caretta, which started his way from Iztuzu Beach near Dalyan, arrived in Tunus. The 30-40 year-old sea turtle is the only animal in Turkey which is tracked from satellite. From Iztuzu Beach it started its journey to Tunus with a satellite tracking device on its back and traveled about 2500 km. Its name is “Turkiye-1” . From this turtle much information about their behaviour, migration, and habits will be learned.

The Caretta Caretta, which travel the oceans and leave their eggs on beaches of the Mediterranean, especially in the Mugla/Dalyan area, live mostly in the water. One Project was prepared by an ecological research association and by a special enviromental protective committee presidency. The president of EKAD Professor Dr.Ali Fuat, who studies the signals from the “turkiye-1”, specified that this Project is very important for the continuation of generations of these turtles. For 20 years we have watched their movement on the earth and have made protected areas for them. With this project the life of the Caretta Caretta in the water will no longer be a secret.

In 2008 the battery on its back will expire. The movements of “Türkiye-1” can be watched from internet at . This special sea turtle comes to the beach once in a year for ovulation and they leave 90-120 eggs on the beach. They choose generally deep areas, eat bluecrabs, and live near lagoons. They think “turkiye-1” will be a guest in Turkey again between 2010 and 2011

Dalyan, Mugla - Turkey


During the winter season the streets become empty and dirty and one of the best examples of this is Sevgi Yolu. The bins in Sevgi Yolu are broken by un-thinking people and then everyone ends up leaving their rubbish all over the streets. We all must be more careful about our trash, for example; we can put our own rubbish into a plastic bag and then throw into the bin. We, as a community should protect the natural beauty of Dalyan and be sure everybody is taking responsibility for it.


The mud baths outside of Dalyan is one of the most favourite activities for tourists. Reuthers news agency praised these famous mudbaths to the world. Every year 25,000 tourists visit the mud baths especially Dutch and English. It is supposed that the mud baths are good for treating irregularity of the bloodstream and for stress.


A twenty-three hundred year-old skeleton has been found in Mugla. When archaeological excavations were made on Yilanli mountain in Mugla, the skeleton, which belongs to Hellenistic period, and his speed axis, sword were found. The finds were exhibited in the gladiator sport section of the Mugla museum. In antiquity Mugla was the center of civilizations like Kayra and Mylikya. In Mugla there are 195 ancient sites like this which gives Mugla an important place in the history of this area.

The Dalyan Times


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The Dalyan Newspaper - Dalyan/Mugla, Turkiye